Keep your electrical control cabinets running smoothly with Arizona Vortex. We specialize in manufacturing compressed air technology, including an effective, reliable electrical cabinet cooling system. The CNC Cooler is a durable, inexpensive, and compact cooling system. Read on to find out what the different types of cooling systems for electrical cabinets can offer.

Why Is Electrical Cabinet Cooling Necessary?

Electrical cabinets and enclosures house important computerized numerical control (CNC) panels that are prone to overheating. When an electrical panel overheats, it can shut down and slow your operations. Electrical panels are also sensitive to moisture and dirt. 

Blowing cold air into an electrical cabinet regulates the temperature, keeps the panel dry, and clears out any dust or dirt that could interfere with the electronics. Using an electrical cabinet cooling system will prolong the life of your control panels and help maintain efficient productivity.

Air Conditioning vs. Compressed Air Cooling Systems

Air Conditioning

One solution for cooling electrical cabinets is an enclosure air conditioner. Closed loop air conditioning regulates the temperature inside the enclosure. In other words, it cools and circulates the air inside the cabinet without introducing any outside air. 

Enclosure air conditioning units may be efficient, but they are large and require regular maintenance as well as the use of refrigerants. Freon and other refrigerants are messy, expensive, and harmful for the environment.

Compressed Air

An electrical cabinet cooling system that uses compressed air is a compact solution that offers more versatile applications. A compressed air cooling system uses vortex tubes to split air into hot and cold streams for effective temperature regulation. 

Cooling with compressed air does not create a closed loop of air, but replaces the air in the enclosure with clean, filtered air. Compressed air electrical cabinet cooling systems are better for the environment and your budget. Because compressed air doesn’t involve electricity or no moving parts, there is no need for maintenance. Overall, a compressed air cooling system will save you money. 

AZ Vortex Cooling System

At Arizona Vortex, we manufacture a reliable stainless steel electrical cabinet cooling system that’s designed to satisfy your industrial cooling needs. Our CNC Cooler is a packaged vortex tube that easily mounts directly onto electrical cabinets, enclosures, and panels.

For your convenience, the CNC Cooler is easy to install and can be thermostatically controlled. It also comes with everything you need for the cooling system to run smoothly. Our CNC cooling system will take care of your electrical cabinet while maintaining its NEMA rating

Electrical Cabinet Cooling Systems in Arizona

We build CNC Cooler electrical cabinet cooling systems to last. Whether cabinet cooling or other compressed air products interest you, AZ Vortex can help you find the perfect cooling solution. We are a family owned and operated manufacturing company that aims to provide the best industrial and machining solutions. Call 928-684-5733 today to learn more about compressed air cooling applications for your business.