A variety of industries use vortex tubes primarily for cooling applications. Vortex tubes can cool electrical cabinets, spot cool machinery, and more. Arizona Vortex manufactures reliable, stainless steel vortex tubes to meet all your industrial needs. Read on to learn more about the basics of vortex tubes and their applications.

What Is a Vortex Tube?

A vortex tube is an industrial tool that converts normal compressed air into two separate air streams. One stream is cold air that can be lowered to -50 degrees Fahrenheit. The other stream is hot air that can be raised as high as 260 degrees Fahrenheit. Vortex tubes have no moving parts, meaning they require very little maintenance.

How Does a Vortex Tube Work?

To begin with, compressed air is injected into the vortex tube at extremely high speeds. This process creates a vortex, which causes the air to spin inward and move up through a long tube. Next, the spinning column of air meets a valve that turns the air inside itself, resulting in two columns. Finally, the heat from the inner column of air transfers to the outside column. As a result, the hot air is able to exit one end of the vortex tube and the cold air exits the other end. 

What Are the Applications for Vortex Tubes?

Vortex tubes are a safer alternative to refrigerants for industrial cooling. Therefore, spot cooling tools and cabinet coolers use compressed air from vortex tubes. There are several different models of vortex tubes for various applications.

1. Spot Cooling Tools

Vortex tubes make it easy to spot cool overheated components that might otherwise break or become ineffective. In addition, spot cooling with compressed air eliminates the need for mists and liquid coolants. 

In an industrial setting, vortex tubes can help cool:

  • Sewing needles
  • Hot glue operations
  • Band saws and other machine blades
  • Cutting and drilling tools
  • Grinding operations and more

2. Cabinet Coolers

Some cooling systems use vortex tubes to cool electrical control cabinets, panels, and enclosures. Cabinet cooling systems can also cool industrial cameras and motor controls. Without cabinet cooling, then heat, moisture, and dirt can cause deterioration. In short, a cabinet cooler that uses vortex tubes is a reliable, affordable way to protect industrial electronics. 

3.  Other Applications for Vortex Tubes

Vortex tubes can cool workers in an environment without air conditioning. They also benefit assembly lines by speeding up the drying or cooling process. Other useful vortex tube applications include:

  • Testing thermostats
  • Cooling machine operations
  • Cool soldering
  • Cooling mold tools
  • Cooling hot operations

Vortex Tubes Manufactured in AZ

Arizona Vortex is a family owned and operated manufacturing company. We have over 30 years of experience when it comes to vortex tubes. For your satisfaction, we manufacture our durable, stainless steel products locally and offer them at affordable prices. 

Interested in a specific vortex tube application? Our experienced engineers can help solve a variety of industrial problems. Call (928) 684-5733 for more information.