Proper ventilation is vital in maintaining a safe, clean workshop. Air amplification is a safer and less expensive alternative to fans and blowers for ventilation. At Arizona Vortex, we have over 30 years of experience in manufacturing air amplification products. Our Vortex Air Amplifier is an easy-to-use, industrial ventilation system designed to meet your industrial and machining needs.

What Is an Air Amplifier?

Industrial workshops produce smoke, fumes, dust, and other byproducts that can inhibit production. An air amplifier is an industrial ventilation system that safely clears an environment using compressed air.

In order to amplify the air, a small amount of compressed air accelerates as it exits the amplifier. Then, the air exiting at sonic speed creates a vacuum that uses the free ambient air to create a larger volume of air flow.

AZ Vortex Air Amplifier Advantages

Our Vortex Air Amplifier can amplify as much as 25 times the amount of compressed air used. Unlike fans and blowers, vortex air amplifiers have no moving parts and require no maintenance or guards. The Vortex Air Amplifier can replace fans and blowers in a variety of applications, including air conveyance and exhaust systems.

Vortex Air Amplifier Features

  • Can be turned on and off instantly.
  • It is an easily controllable industrial ventilation system.
  • Air amplification offers high performance without the noise.
  • There are no dangerous moving parts that might wear out.

Benefits of the Vortex Air Amplifier

  • It is manufactured with an easily mountable design.
  • Amplification uses compressed air technology that does not require electricity.
  • It is an inexpensive type of industrial ventilation system.
  • The amplifier meets OSHA standards for safety.
  • The amount of air amplification is infinitely adjustable.

Applications for Industrial Ventilation Systems

Air amplifier ventilation systems can be used in a number of applications beyond smoke and fume removal, such as:

  • Air conveyance to move materials and products in place of belts or chains.
  • Industrial cooling
  • Blowing off water, sawdust, oil, and other substances
  • Cleaning and drying machine or tool parts
  • Tank purging

Industrial Ventilation Systems in Arizona

Keep working conditions safe with an industrial ventilation system. As a family owned and operated manufacturing company, Arizona Vortex aims to solve all of your industrial problems. Our Vortex Air Amplifier is a low cost, reliable ventilation solution.

Wondering whether air amplification is the right solution to your problem? Give us a call at 928-684-5733 today to discuss our compressed air options and find the perfect product for your facility.