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Arizona Vortex Tube Mfg. Has Your Vortex Cooling Solutions

Arizona vortex tube technology will change the way you look at compressed air cooling. Our vortex tubes can produce cold air using small amounts of compressed air. On average, customers can expect at least a 70° F/21°C drop from the ambient air temperature. Vortex tubes can be used to cool workers, machines, and electrical enclosures without the use of electricity or Freon. We have "packaged" our Vortex Tubes into spot cooling tools. Our spot cooling tool or Cool Tool allows you to aim the cold air exactly where it is needed. The Cool Tool is ideal for drilling, routers, and cnc machining because you are not using messy coolants, just clean dry air.

Vortex Tubes

A vortex tube is a tool that can take normal compressed air and convert into two air streams.

CNC Coolers

Cooling For Your CNC Cabinets And Enclosures

Cool Tools

A Cool Tool Will Replace Messy Liquid Coolants

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Air Amplifiers

A Vortex Air Amplifier uses a small amount of compressed air to create a much larger volume of air, as much as 25 times the amount of amplification.

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Air Curtains

Our vortex air curtain or "knife" will replace the old fashioned blow off devices you use now.

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Drum Pumps

Vortex Drum Pumps turn an ordinary 55 gallon steel drum into a vacuum cleaner and shop vac combined.

A CNC Cooler to Cool Your Electrical Enclosures Using Compressed Air

A CNC Cooler is designed to cool your CNC control cabinets and other electrical enclosures using compressed air cooling techology. CNC Coolers are compact, quite (no vibration), can be thermostatically controlled, and have no moving parts. An Arizona Vortex CNC Cooler will help your company reduce cooling costs, prevent heat-related electrical control problems, save your electronics and help the environment by not using Freon.