Should you replace your fans and blowers with compressed air amplifiers? Industrial workspaces create a lot of fumes, smoke, and dust during production. These byproducts are typically unavoidable, and require proper ventilation to maintain a safe environment. 

Instead of box fans or variable-speed blowers that contain dangerous moving parts, it’s better to use a compressed air amplifier to remove these harmful gases and particles. At Arizona Vortex, we manufacture the Vortex Air Amplifier for reliable exhaust and ventilation solutions. 

What Is an Air Amplifier, and How Does It Work?

A compressed air amplifier works by sucking up a small amount of compressed air through a ring-shaped opening called an annular orifice. It collects the air in a chamber, then forces it through another orifice at sonic speed. By using the surrounding air to create a low pressure vacuum, it can then exhaust fumes, smoke, and dust from a designated area.

Compressed Air Amplifiers vs. Fans and Blowers

When it comes to ventilation, air amplifiers can distribute air more evenly and efficiently than fans. Compressed air amplifiers also outperform fans and blowers in many other ways. For example:

  • Air amplifiers have no moving parts, so they are much safer than fans and blowers.
  • They create very little noise because they use compressed air.
  • They’re compact and easily mountable for versatility.
  • Air amplifiers are less expensive than box fans and blowers.
  • Amplifiers do not require any electricity to function.

Other Air Amplifier Applications

Another reason you need air amplifiers in your workshop is that they are capable of a lot more than just ventilation. For instance, you can use an air amplifier:

  • To move small parts and other industrial materials via air conveyance in place of belts and chains
  • As a blow-off system for removing oil, bugs, sawdust, and other substances from your machinery
  • For a variety of industrial cooling applications that need a consistent airflow
  • To efficiently clean and dry industrial machine parts

Compressed Air Amplifiers in Arizona

Now that you understand why compressed air amplifiers are better than fans and blowers, it’s time to add a few to your workshop. At Arizona Vortex, we aim to provide solutions for all of your industrial problems. From air amplifiers to vortex tubes, we have been manufacturing compressed air products for over 30 years. Call 928-684-5733 to speak with a representative today.

Images used under creative commons license – commercial use (6/14/2021). Photo by Neil Bowness on Unsplash