Do you need a cold air gun for your machining? Computerized numerical control (CNC) routers are excellent at cutting at high speeds, but their needles and blades are prone to overheating as a result. 

CNC routers were designed for efficiency, but they cannot reach their full potential with overheated parts. At Arizona Vortex, we manufacture the Cool Tool cold air gun to cool CNC parts in a wide array of machining applications. 

Why CNC Routers Need a Spot Cooling System

Because CNC routers make precision cuts in a variety of materials, they are a popular and effective piece of machining. However, these machines have to work at high speeds in order to cut perfectly. Those high speeds create high temperatures which can either damage the router itself or the material that the router is cutting. 

Although slowing down the CNC router is one way to prevent overheating, it can drastically reduce efficiency. A spot cooling system is the best solution for overheating issues because the machine can still operate at full speed while remaining efficient and precise. A cold air gun is the ideal cooling option for machining due to its versatility and portability. 

How Does a Cold Air Gun Work in Machining?

Many cooling systems require messy, expensive liquid coolants in order to operate. However, cold air guns like our Cool Tool use only compressed air technology instead. A cold air gun is a packaged vortex tube that creates a pressurized stream of cold air to cool machine parts.

In fact, our Cool Tool can run up to 70 degrees Fahrenheit colder than the surrounding source of air. You can easily attach and remove our Cool Tool or move it between machines because of its magnetic base. The Cool Tool also has a flexible nozzle so that you can aim the cold air stream exactly where you need it.

Benefits of Using Compressed Air for Spot Cooling

Not only will a cold air gun prolong the life of your machinery, its compressed air technology also offers a variety of other advantages.

  • Compressed air eliminates the need for expensive coolants that are toxic to people, animals, and the environment.
  • Because there are no fans or other moving parts, cold air guns are quiet and do not require maintenance.
  • Compressed air is a low cost solution compared to other spot cooling systems.
  • Cold air guns are portable and easy to use.

Cold Air Guns for CNC Machining in Arizona

Arizona Vortex has been manufacturing compressed air products for over 30 years. In addition to the Cool Tool cold air gun, we also offer a wide range of high quality products for satisfying your CNC machining needs. 

Computerized machining is only effective when every part operates smoothly. Improve the life of your CNC routers and enjoy efficient machining with our Cool Tool. Call 928-684-5733 today to speak with a representative.