Electrical Enclosure & Cabinet Cooling

Arizona Vortex Tube is a family owned and operated manufacturing company with extensive experience in compressed air cooling technology. We manufacture a variety of affordable compressed air products that will meet all your industrial needs. Our CNC Air Cooler is the perfect solution for electrical enclosure and cabinet cooling.

What Is an Electrical Cabinet Cooling System?

Computerized numerical control (CNC) panels and other electrical enclosures are vulnerable to shutdowns caused by heat, moisture and dirt. A CNC cabinet cooling system regulates the temperature inside of electrical control cabinets, enclosures, and panels to prevent heat shutdown. The CNC cooler also keeps out dust and debris by creating a positive pressure within the enclosure.

CNC Cooler Advantages

Our CNC Cooler is a packaged vortex tube that uses compressed air cooling technology. It’s designed to keep your electrical enclosures safe and to prevent heat-related problems.

The CNC Cooler passes air through a filter so that it is clean and dry before reaching sensitive electronics. In order to maintain the sealed nature of an electrical enclosure, our CNC Cooler has relief valves and seals built directly into the cooling system. Our cabinet cooler is UL certified and rated NEMA 4X.

Vortex Tube CNC Cooler Features

  • It is compact and mounts directly onto CNC cabinets, panels, and enclosures.
  • There are no fans, which makes the cooling system quieter.
  • Vortex tubes eliminate the need for Freon and other expensive coolants.
  • It can be thermostatically controlled in order to achieve ideal temperatures.

Benefits of the CNC Cooler

  • It is inexpensive.
  • Installation is easy.
  • It is made of durable and reliable stainless steel.
  • No maintenance is required because there are no moving parts.

Electrical Enclosure Cooling Applications

Aside from CNC panels, electrical enclosure and cabinet cooling systems can also cool:

  • CCTV and industrial cameras
  • Programmable logic controls (PLCs)
  • Motor controls

Electrical Cabinet Cooling Solutions by AZ Vortex

Searching for an electrical enclosure cooling solution? Arizona Vortex in Arizona has been solving industrial problems for over 30 years. Our CNC cooling system comes with installation instructions, an electrically operated thermostat, and a solenoid valve for thermostatic control. Keep your CNC cabinets and other electrical enclosures running smoothly with AZ Vortex. Call us at 928-684-5733 today to discuss your electrical cabinet cooling options.