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Arizona Vortex Tube Technology Gives You Solutions For A New Economy

Arizona vortex tube technology will change the way you look at compressed air. Our vortex tubes can produce cold air using small amounts of compressed air. On average, customers can expect at least a 70° F/21°C drop from the ambient air temperature. Vortex tubes can be used to cool workers, machines, and electrical enclosures without the use of electricity or Freon. We have "packaged" our Vortex Tubes into spot cooling tools. Our spot cooling tool or Cool Tool allows you to aim the cold air exactly where it is needed. The Cool Tool is ideal for drilling, routers, and cnc machining because you are not using messy coolants, just clean dry air.

A CNC Cooler to Cool Your Electrical Enclosures Using Compressed Air

A CNC Cooler is designed to cool your CNC control cabinets and other electrical enclosures using compressed air. CNC Coolers are compact, quite (no vibration), can be thermostatically controlled, and have no moving parts. An Arizona Vortex CNC Cooler will help your company reduce cooling costs, prevent heat-related electrical control problems, save your electronics and help the environment by not using Freon.

Top of the Line Air Curtains, Air Amplifiers and Air Nozzles

If you using open end pipes or air lines you are wasting your money! Arizona Vortex air curtains, air amplifiers, nozzles and jets will save you money. They will use less incoming compressed air but provide a greater volume of outgoing air. Give your air compressor a break and install an air curtain, air amplifier, nozzle or jet and you will see a return on your investment in weeks. Our air curtains and other amplification devices are specially designed to use less air and work more efficiently than any other blow off device.

A Vortex Tube is a Vortex Tube we just sell ours for less than our competitors. We will not waste your time with price matching; Our products will save you money!


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